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How To Help Your Wife Enjoy Sex (18+)

How To Help Your Wife Enjoy Sex (18+)

Sex is an important part of any marriage. This is an act of love where two people get closer physically and emotionally. If your sex life is not enjoyable, conflicts may arise within the marriage. To be able to enjoy sex you must both achieve orgasm, but not necessarily always at the same time. Most women find it hard to get an orgasm during sexual intercourse and sometimes fake it because they don’t want to hurt their husband’s feeling. But it is unfair for women not to achieve the same sexual satisfaction that their partners are getting. As a husband, of course you want to make your wife enjoy sex and achieve orgasm.

Achieving sexual satisfaction will add spice to your marriage, it will make your wife to be more excited about having sex with you and this will make your relationship stronger. To make your wife enjoy sex, of course you need the necessary skills, as well as the tips I’m going to be sharing with you today. If your wife is not achieving orgasm during sexual intercourse, do not get frustrated because lovemaking is an art and giving pleasure to a woman in bed can be learned.

Now here are some of the key steps that you can consider doing for better sex with your wife (Remember, good sex leads to more good sex!):

Time your sexual advances according to when she will crave it most during her menstrual cycle.

This means making your sexual advances more frequent a couple of days after her period has ended and less frequent (or never) immediately before and during her period. As mid-cycle approaches (i.e., a few days after her period has ended), several things happen: Her energy level rises, her vaginal wetness increases, and her cervix becomes softer and moves back. All of these make sex better for both of you. A couple of exceptions to the monthly pattern are: (a) Some women crave sex the day before their periods starts (making that a good time for a sexual advance), and (b) many women are on the pill, which can diminish the surge of desire during mid-cycle.

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Find out what she prefers during sexual intercourse.

Sometimes, women cannot enjoy sex because there are things that are uncomfortable for her. For instance, there are women who do not want to have sex when the lights are on. There are sex positions that she is not comfortable with but she is afraid to tell you. Bottom line is, find out what makes her comfortable to forget all her inhibitions and just give in to have an intense lovemaking with you. If she is comfortable, you can make your wife enjoy sex with you.

Make her feel sexy and gorgeous.

Sometimes women are hesitant to give their all during sexual intercourse because they are not motivated emotionally. Women have insecurities about their body and their looks. Make her feel loved, beautiful and let her know that she is the sexiest woman for you. You will definitely make your wife enjoy sex if she feels loved and adored.

Give her enough foreplay.

Women need more foreplay to be able to enjoy the sexual act with you. Men easily get aroused, but with women it is different. That is why it is important that you know how to touch her on the right places and give longer oral sex for her to get aroused and be ready for you. To make your wife enjoy sex, do not rush her and let her enjoy your caress and touch.

Do some of the things she usually does around the house.

Women typically do about seven times more housework and childcare than their husbands do even when they both have full-time jobs. Add to that the fact that women need more sleep than men do, and you have a recipe for her wanting sleep more than sex when both your heads hit the pillow. Make it easy on her by doing some of the things she usually does around the house. This includes things like bathing and putting the kids to bed or cooking, so that she is not totally worn out by the time you get around to slipping your hand under her pajama top. Or you can stun her by hiring someone to help when she is not expecting it. When you combine this helpfulness with a low-pressure approach to sex, you may be stunned by the change in her responsiveness.



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