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7 Signs You Have A Good Partner

7 Signs You Have A Good Partner

This are 7 signs you have a good partner.

1. They handle conflict maturely

Name calling, gaslighting, ridiculing, and physical abuse isn’t something you deal with. When you’re in disagreement they don’t put you down or behave aggressively. They talk respectfully, calmly and openly.

2. They celebrate your successes

They see your accomplishments as a great thing. They don’t dismiss them or seek to make you feel bad when you’re doing well. They also don’t behave as if they’re in competition with you. When you’re happy, they’re happy.

3. You trust them and they trust you

You rarely feel anxious when you can’t get in touch with them or when they’re out with friends. You have no reason to doubt them or be worried about their behaviour when you’re not around. They also show you that they trust you too.

4. Talking to them is easy

They allow you to be vulnerable and they don’t throw your vulnerabilities in your face or expose your deepest secrets. They listen when you speak – not just to hear, but also to understand. They also encourage you to talk about yourself.

5. You spend time apart and have lives outside your relationship

Your life consists of a healthy balance of ‘us’ and ‘me’ time. They want you to have a social life outside of them, and don’t seek to control you. You feel like you’re given room to grow and spend time with others.

6. They’re considerate and willing to compromise

Your relationship doesn’t revolve around them alone. They understand the meaning of a ‘partnership’ and that your needs matter too. When compromise may be required, they evaluate all options and not just the ones to suit them.

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7. You feel loved

They regularly express their love and affection using their own love language. They also try their best to love you how you like to be loved. As a result, you feel appreciated and treated like a priority, not taken for granted and treated like an option.




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