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3 Sure Signs That You Are Addicted To Mobile Sports Betting

3 Sure Signs That You Are Addicted To Mobile Sports Betting

Mobile sports betting is becoming a huge industry not only here in Nigeria but all around the world. It allows people to shop around for better betting lines and bettors love this aspect of wagering.

Also, mobile bettors like the idea of gambling on sports or playing online casino games without having to leave home. Apart from a bet on which team will win, few things make a big game more exciting.

But when one gambles and places bets more than one can afford or money that is designated for other purposes such as paying the bills, then betting has gone beyond entertainment and becomes something that is far more problematic.

With this, specialists are very concerned that mobile sports betting may cause a new age problem leading to betting addicts.

As the mobile sports betting industry expands, it will likely not be enough to keep up with the number of people who may be caught in this issue. With such easy access to betting through mobile phones, the concerns arise of the danger this could cause for those without any self-control.

Mobile sports betting addiction is an impulse control disorder. This simply means, a bettor will gamble without any self-control, and whether they are broke or loaded with money, they will bet on sports regardless.

Addiction to mobile sports betting can happen to anyone no matter one’s background and can cause bettors to fall in financial debt, lose their job, get a divorce or worse.

So what are the tell-tell signs that one is addicted to mobile sports betting?

  1. Mobile Sports Betting Becomes Your Whole World; Having a wager just a few times a year or even once a week is not a sign of mobile betting addiction. Although when a bettor is “compelled” to keep on betting, even if there is no chance of ever recouping the cost of bets, then a red flag is raised.
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Some bettors purposefully lose their winnings in bad bets because the urge to bet is stronger than even the urge to win. The bettor may not manage to bet every day although they want to thus life becomes about finding money to make a bet and making the wager. Everything else takes a back seat to the wager- family, friends, school, job, reputation and even health.

  1. Money At All Cost; One of the most tragic signs of mobile sports betting addiction is how the bettor finds ways to get money for the next wager. Many a time, all the people connected to the person become affected. The person suffering from mobile sports betting addiction will lie and steal from anyone and anything to get the money.

He would borrow a lot of money from friends and family that he can never payback. Also when it gets to point where the person is not eating regularly, going to the doctor or paying their bills because it takes money away from sports betting, then definitely there is a problem.

  1. Increasing Appetite To Wager More and More; Another sign that points to mobile sports betting addiction is where it is clear that it takes larger and larger wagers or more wagers per day or session to get the bettor the same high that just one wager used to get them. This is similar to a person on drug addiction who feels they need to take higher and higher doses of the drug until there is a crisis.

The biggest concern with betting addiction, just like other addictions is that the effect is felt by those around you- your family and friends. The bad news is it can quickly lead to a serious mental illness that could take control of your life.

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The good news is that sports betting is a good pastime activity when done in moderation. We all know of so many people who have made their lives better through online sports betting. If done right, sports betting can be an entertaining hobby!

Author’s name: Daisy Chepkoech



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