Home Sports Is Cristiano Ronaldo Infected With Coronavirus (COVID-19)?

Is Cristiano Ronaldo Infected With Coronavirus (COVID-19)?

Is Cristiano Ronaldo Infected With Coronavirus (COVID-19)?

Cristiano Ronaldo does NOT have coronavirus: Madeiran health chief reveals.

Cristiano Ronaldo has NOT been infected with the coronavirus despite being held in quarantine in his native Madeira, the president of the Portuguese islands has confirmed.

The Juventus superstar will remain at home while the fear of infection is still high, with Italy on lockdown.

Ronaldo’s team-mate Daniele Rugani became the first Serie A player to contract the illness, with Paulo Dybala also reported to have tested positive – information Juventus have reportedly denied.

The Italian club confirmed 121 players and staff have gone into self-isolation.

Ronaldo initially flew home to Madeira to visit his mother Dolores, who suffered a stroke earlier this month.

He is now unable to return to Italy due to strict mobility restrictions across the continent.

There were reports in Italy that the former Real Madrid icon had contracted the coronavirus but these have been confirmed to be false.


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