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CNN Don Lemon To Trump: “Nobody Wants To Hear From The White House”



CNN Don Lemon To Trump: "Nobody Wants To Hear From The White House"

CNN anchor Don Lemon said Thursday that President Trump “contributed” to the environment that led to the death of 46-year-old Minneapolis man George Floyd earlier this week.

U.S. Attorney Erica MacDonald addressed reporters on the investigation into the police brutality that resulted in Floyd’s death on Monday and how her team has been updating President Trump and Attorney General William Barr. Lemon, however, had choice words for the administration amid the investigation.

“Nobody wants to hear from the White House or the attorney general right now. No one wants to hear from the man who wanted the death penalty to come back for the Central Park Five. No one wants to hear from the man who says that the former president was not born in this country. No one wants to hear from the man who said there are ‘very fine people on both sides.’ Do you understand what I am saying?” Lemon said to his colleague Wolf Blitzer.

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“No one wants to hear from the person that they perceive as contributing to situations like this in this society — not directly, but allowing people like that to think they can get away from this. No one wants to hear from the birther-in-chief, from the ‘sons of b—-es’-calling person who says that athletes are kneeling for this very reason.”

Lemon demanded “urgency” to the brutality black Americans face, as it has been expressed toward the protests and looting that broke out in Minneapolis over the past two days.

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