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Help! A Guy I Like Is Giving Me The Silent Treatment – Lady Laments


So there is this guy that attends the same university that I attend and we are very close. We have intimate discussions, spend time together and we flirt with each other. We aren’t dating officially, but we both find each other attractive and we’ve both shared our feelings for each other.

We are currently living in different states due to the lock down. I live in Lagos while he lives in Enugu.

During this lockdown period we have been communicating via WhatsApp chats, calls and video calls. Sometimes we talk till 3 am in the midnight.

But over a week now this guy hasn’t talked to me. He just stopped replying my messages all of a sudden. I sent him a voice message and he listened to it but didn’t respond. I called his phone multiple times last week and he didn’t pick. Last midnight I saw he was he was clearly online and I sent him messages but he didn’t respond.

I don’t know what to do. I really like this guy and it’s hurting me that he is ignoring me. I didn’t do anything wrong. Should I keep calling and texting or should I give him space?


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