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Woman Rescued After She Fell Into A 25-Foot Pit Latrine (Video)



Woman Rescued After She Fell Into A 25-Foot Pit Latrine (Video)

A Kenyan woman in Likoni was rescued after she had fallen into a 25-Foot pit latrine on Sunday, May 3.

The lady plunged into the pit latrine after the weak structure she stood on collapsed, leaving residents with the task of roping her out.

The incident happened at Inuka area in Likoni with residents coming together to rescue the woman who was trapped at the bottom of the pit

A rope was tied to a motorcycle tyre and lowered to the pit latrine which the woman wore on her chest enabling residents to lift her to the ground.

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Woman Rescued After She Fell Into A 25-Foot Pit Latrine (Video)

A resident who was there narrated how he found out about the woman who had fallen into the latrine. He said;” “When my kid had gone to brush his teeth, I found him shocked saying there’s someone who had plunged into the latrine. When I got there I found the woman inside.”

Residents revealed that the woman stepped on the concrete slab of the pit latrine to evade soaking her feet on stagnant water that was on the pathway.

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The weak structure, however, caved in leaving the woman stuck at the bottom of the pit, but luckily enough the pit was empty.

Residents have raised alarms over the rising cases of pit latrines caving in the area in recent months due to poorly built structures.

Abel Karama a resident of Inuka noted that rains pounding the area were to blame for the rising cases of pits caving in.

The woman was rushed to hospital in a motorbike but had seemingly suffered only minor injuries.

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Watch Video Below:

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