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Fani Kayode Calls On FG To Take Action After Nigerian High Commission In Ghana Was Destroyed



Fani Kayode Calls On FG To Take Action After Nigerian High Commission In Ghana Was Destroyed

Femi Fani Kayode, former Aviation Minister speaks on the attack and demolishing of the Nigerian High Commission In Ghana.

Gistvic Blog recalls, A businessman in Ghana claimed the Nigerian High Commission Staff Quarters was built on his land.

“The man showed up with evidence to support his claim and began to knock down the fence surrounding the building. The action of the man was not opposed. The Nigerian High Commission petitioned the Ghanaian government about it, but there was no response.

“Days later, he returned to the premises of the staff quarters and this time, with a bulldozer, and began to pull down the building. ChannelsTV reported.

While reacting, Fani Kayode calls on the FG to stand up & defend the honor and integrity of Nigerians.

He Said:

“Nigerian traders in Ghana have had their shops forcefully shut for the last 8 months. Now our Embassy in Accra has been demolished & embassy staff threatened with violence. I assure you that Ghana would not try this if Nigeria had a President or if OBJ or Abacha were in power.

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“I have a lot of love and immense respect for the nation of Ghana and I have always regarded Accra as my second home. This is all the more so because I have so many friends, loved ones, relatives and family ties there.

“However this behaviour is most uncharitable and totally un-Ghanaian. As a matter of fact it is barbaric, disgraceful and totally unacceptable. Nigeria must never be treated in this way by her closest and most trusted neighbour, ally and friend no matter what.

“I condemn this brutal assault on our people & our Diplomatic Mission in Accra. The Ghanaian President, who I have known for over 50 years, is a profoundly good man and I believe that he would never condone or approve of this reckless behaviour and dangerous provocation.

” I call on him to de-escalate the situation, to direct his For. Minister to apologise to Nigeria forthwith & to discipline & punish all those that were involved in this flagrant violation of diplomatic norms & Nigerian sovereignty. This must NOT be allowed to happen again.

” I call on the FG to stand up & defend the honor and integrity of our people and nation and to protest this gratuitous insult and insolent affront. Buhari’s weaknesses and incompetence attracts nothing but disdain, insults and assaults against Nigerians all over the world.

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” Under his watch Nigerians have been sold into slavery in Libya, murdered in South Africa, expelled in Angola, humiliated in Kenya, demonised in America, undermined in the United Kingdom, assaulted in China and now our Embassy has been attacked & bulldozed in Ghana whilst.

” its staff and our citizens have been subjected to indignity and humiliation and literally traumatised and terrorised. Our President must take full responsibility for all these affronts and he must snap out of his nauseating and self-induced slumber.

” We may have many issues in our country but Nigerians are not filth and we are not anyone’s whipping boy or toilet paper. We are a strong noble and proud people who have a rich heritage and a proud history. We know how to stand up for ourselves and defend our own and.

“every humiliation that has been meted out to us will be paid back in full measure to those that have dared us once we get the weak & cowardly creature called Buhari out of power. He does not defend his nation or his flag because he sees his own people as being worthless.

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” He sees them as being nothing but vassals and slaves. How can we be taken seriously or respected by foreigners when our own President hates us with a perfect hatred and considers us to be worse than vermin?…10/12

” It is a great irony that we are being led by a man who has nothing but disdain and contempt for his own people and who does not give a damn when foreigners treat them like slaves, setfs, savages and mongrels.

” I do not blame the Ghanaians for this, I blame Buhari and his rudderless, uninspiring , shameless and incompetent Government.

” N.B. Worse is the fact bloodthrsty, vicious terrorist foreigners from Mali, Niger Republic & Chad are butchering our people all over the country & have literally placed the states of the NW & NC under siege whilst unleashing carnage & slaughter on our people on a daily basis.

” The NE has fared even worse & has been infiltrated by thousands of Arab & other foreign fighters who have joined the ranks of Boko Haram and who control and tax swathes & large portions of Nigerian territory whilst the south is under occupation. Buhari this is your legacy!

protesters lamenting how the armed men broke into the building and destroyed it.

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