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(Biography) Sunday Igboho: Man Who Command Guns To Appear During Fight



(Biography) Sunday Igboho: Man Who Command Guns To Appear During Fight

Sunday Adeyemo popular known as Sunday Igboho is one of the prominent and respected man in Oyo state. Some said, 45-year-old Sunday can command guns during war.

Lets Get To Know Him Below:

  • Sunday was born into this earth on October 10, 1972 and he is a native of Oyo state.
  • His real name is Sunday Adeyemo, from Aladikun Compound in Modeke, Igboho.
  • He derived his nickname from his native town Igboho.
  • Sunday began his career as a mechanic and motorcycle repairer.
  • He hates oppression and defends anyone who is being oppressed or cheated on his right.
  • Sunday owns his own company called Adeson international Business Concept Limited.
  • He protected former Governor Rashidi Ladoja and shield him from harm whenever he was to be attacked in Oyo State.
  • One of Sunday’s biggest moment in his life was when he met the former governor of Oyo state Lam Adesina during fuel scarcity.
  • Sunday has two wives and he is a father to many children.
  • Sunday inherited his spiritual powers from his father who was an herbalist and a church goer. 
  • He was present during Ife-Modakeke War.
  • Sunday said his power to command guns is a divine secret from God which he inherited the powers from his fathers.
  • Sunday Igboho is a Christian. He was christened by a church in Igboho when he was born.
  • sunday said he uses his spiritual powers to defend myself, he doesn’t perform wickedness with it.
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