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Hushpuppi Released From Prison Or Granted Bail?: What We Know



Hushpuppi Released From Prison Or Granted Bail?: What We Know

There have been rumours saying Ramon Abass popularly known as Ray Hushpuppi has been released from prison or granted bail by the FBI In Dubai.

This is coming following an Information which was shared on the Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) website which showed Hushpupi was released on Monday, 20th July 2020.

Hushpuppi Released From Prison Or Granted Bail?: What We Know
Federal Bureau of Prisons (BOP) Shows Hushpuppi has been released on 07/20/2020 (Prison Number – 54313424).

We could recall, Hushpuppi was arrested by Interpol/FBI in Dubai last month over allegations of cyber fraud of over 1.9 million victims of  $435.6 million. He was later reported to have been extradited to the United States.

Has Hushpuppi Been Released

The Nigerian Big Boy, Ray Hushpuppi has not been released, sources said.

Hushpuppi’s laywer, Gal Pissetzky reportedly gave a report of his release following the rumours that were going round social media.

Gal Pissetzky said Ramon Abass is on his way to California, United States of America, for trial.

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“He has not been released and I am still his lawyer. He is on his way to California. Not everything you see on court documents is accurate.”. He said.

Gal Pissetzky added: “Just because the jail record says ‘released’ does not mean he has been released. He is being transferred to California,” he told our correspondent on the phone.

If Hushpuppi is been convicted, he could spend up to 20 years in U.S. federal prison.

What Nigerians Are Saying Following Reports Of Hushpuppi Been Released From Jail

The News about Huspuppi’s alleged release has sparked up mixed reactions from Nigerians on social media.

See Reactions Below:

  • @MOTIVATEDGEORGE – If truely Hushpuppi has been released, omo In this life, just have money and connections.
  • @___FAREED – Hushpuppi who was arrested for a $430M Cyberscam has been released, Watch how Yahoo boys are going to use his release to draft out new motivational quotes. You sure say me sef no go enter Yahoo.
  • @sambalistical – If Hushpuppi has actually been released then this is cashing out season for looters and scammer in Nigeria as usual. Yahoo boys go get mind now!
  • @BanjiMcCaulay – This Hushpuppi case taught me that: In this life have money ooooooo.
  • @Capt_Aliyu – In this life, do anything you want but don’t pray to be poor it can even affect your imam. Just dont pray to be poor!! I mean look at Hushpuppi now, free and living life. Just don’t be poor.
  • @SodiqTade – Hushpuppi subbing the media in the coming days.
  • @Tolu_ex – hushpuppi has been released? we are not ready for this smoke from yahoo boys.
  • @VictorIsrael_ – Hushpuppi was Transferred to another prison not released. That’s like when an invigilator moves you from the back to come and sit with him in the front.
  • @Sidi__jr – If they released Hushpuppi i might start that business too.
  • @DaddyStanley_ – Watch how Yahoo boys are going to use this Hushpuppi release to draft out new motivational quotes. Omo, We are in for it. Sigh.
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