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Tying A Wrapper Is Sexier Than A Bumshot (True Or False)



Tying A Wrapper Is Sexier Than A Bumshot (True Or False)

Is tying a wrapper sexier than a Bumshot?

A Nigerian Lady claims tying a wrapper is better than bumshot. See her point.

  1. When a woman ties a wrapper, most time she is not wearing anything under it.
  2. As she goes around her daily activities, the wrapper always tend to want to fall down, but she catches it leaving you without a glimpse of the wonderful creation of God.
  3. As she does her activities washing, by the time she bends down and stands up, the wrapper as gone in between her buttocks giving the dimension of the extended….
  4. As she is working about doing her activities in the house, each bumbum move separately but then, they are in Sync.
  5. The wrapper is the easiest thing to remove.. Food is ready… On like bumshot were you have to struggle doing tug of war.
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