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‘UNA DEY MAD’ Trends On Twitter: See Reactions



'UNA DEY MAD' Trends On Twitter: See Reactions

It’s so funny how ‘UNA DEY MAD’ is trending on the twitter platform, as the social media users drop situations that call for the use of the word.

The ‘UNA DEY MAD’ was started by a Man ‘Abimbola O’larry Turner’ who took to Twitter to drop reactions on some feminist issues.

'UNA DEY MAD' Trends On Twitter: See Reactions

His Tweet is getting viral as ‘ UNA DEY MAD’ is trending in Nigeria.

See Tweet.

  • It’s romance when I cook & serve my woman. But na slavery if na my turn. Una dey mad.
  • It’s cute when I build my wife & help finance her dreams. But if I say she did this for me, menaskom. Una dey mad.
  • It’s romance if I get up late night to go get something my baby wants just because she wants it. But if na me ask my wife for food, I be demon. Una dey mad.
  • If my wife takes my ATM card & shops on it at will. It’s romantic. But make I chop small for my wife salary, I be tiff. Una dey mad.
  • If I propose on my knee to ask my woman to marry me. Na symbolism of romance. But if she kneels to feed me on our wedding day, na servitude. Una dey wetin?
  • My woman is stressed and having a bad day & I give her a deep tissue massage after the kind of day I had on a Construction site. Swit Lomance. But my wife trims my nails, I be Lord Lugard. Una dey mad seh.
  • All of una dey mad. All of una. Not one person exempt. All of una. Una dey mad.
  • If una no dey mad, una no go dey shit on other people choices. How are you pro-choice until someone has a choice that doesn’t sit well with yours? Simple answer. It’s because una dey mad.
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See More Reactions On The Twitter Platform.

  • If there Is peace in the marriage, the woman is controlling him but if they are fighting, the man is toxic. UNA DEY MAD!
  • It’s my responsibility to provide for the family and buy gift for my wife but it becomes slavery when it’s her duty to cook and serve me, UNA DEY MAD.
  • Those roomates in boarding schools who never allow us to sit on their beds because it’s always arranged. UNA DEY MAD!
  • As a man, if moving with my wife and I’m the one carrying the child makes me a stupid man to you, UNA DEY MAD.
  • You dey broke shame guys wey no fit afford to give you items wey your fadaaa no fit afford . UNA DEY MAD !!!
  • I be Feminist, I be Feminist but na meat pie and zobo dem take disvirgin u. UNA DEY MAD!
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