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What Happens If You Take Drugs Everyday



What Happens If You Take Drugs Everyday

Marijuana has taken a bad rap for years. For a long time, it was a Schedule 1 restricted substance – right there alongside other infamous names.

Now weed is well on its way to becoming a legal recreational substance, and many people are still confused about its efficacy. Why is it now accepted, did it suddenly stop causing a mental breakdown in those who use it?

How will the future weed smoker look like after say ten years of use? The recent acceptance of marijuana into the mainstream has opened up research opportunities to be conducted. This research shows that the lethal dose of cannabis is so high that it is difficult to reach under normal circumstances.

The Future Weed Smoker Study

It is difficult to overdose on weed doesn’t mean that it can’t have adverse effects on you if misused. conducted a study to find out more about the impact of pot in people, and they concluded that ultimately, how a weed smoker looks in the future depends on how they use marijuana and by their habits.

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Healthy Habits

According to the study, a cannabis smoker who is disciplined in pursuing healthy choices will not only maintain their health. They will also enjoy the numerous health benefits that marijuana has now been confirmed to have. Therefore a disciplined user will very likely end up healthier than if they had never used weed.

To reap these benefits, marijuana users need to ensure that they eat healthily and work out regularly. These two things may be difficult for a person who smokes too much weed. When used in large quantities, marijuana makes people indolent, thus making it hard for them to exercise.

It is also quite common for a cannabis smoker to develop a higher-than-normal appetite, making it hard for them to eat healthily. The key is to smoke weed in moderation and with long enough duration in between to allow the body to recover from the effects of weed usage.

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Two Different Profiles, study paints pictures of two hypothetical users, Smoking Jason and Always-Toking Jason. They smoke weed consistently for ten years but with very different attitudes and general mannerisms. The following are their respective profiles.

Always-Toking Jason

This guy smokes weed relentlessly, leaving him with bloodshot eyes and poor eyesight. Marijuana dilates blood capillaries in the eyes. The fact that the body gets no opportunity to recover means that damage to the capillaries ultimately becomes permanent.

This smoker’s skin also gets ruined because blood flow gets cut off from the user’s skin. Marijuana also reduces the level of collagen, which reduces the skin’s elasticity. At the end of ten years, this smoker will be looking several years older than he should. The individual’s lungs are also destroyed by constant exposure to smoke, and he is likely to have contracted cancer in ten years. Besides the lungs, marijuana smoke causes irreversible scarring on the throat and laryngitis. Such scarring alters the user’s voice.

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Smoking Jason

In ten years, this smoker will not only have good vision, but they may also have an even better peripheral vision owing to marijuana’s ability to reduce intraocular pressure and, in so doing, reduce the effects of glaucoma.

On the other hand, their skin will have benefited from weed’s anti-inflammatory effects, getting rid of eczema, acne, and other skin conditions. This user is likely to be breathing better because some cannabinoids in marijuana help to dilate airways.

Smoking Jason’s lungs will be healthy since they will get an opportunity to recover after exposure to smoke.  Unlike his heavy smoking counterpart, moderate smokers will enjoy good health due to proper hygiene and limited exposure to smoke.

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